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Gocek Departure Routes

Gocek – Blue Cruise
Gocek is one of the favorite embarking and disembarking port for sailors since it is only 20 minutes away than Dalaman Airport. Gocek is a very small fisher town and it is very cozy. The cute Gocek Marina is a world class Marina and it is not as busy as other Marinas. Gulf of Gocek consists the some of best coves of Turkey.
Sunken Bath Bay is a favorite yacht charter holiday destination. Yassicalar, Gemiler Island Domuz Island is perfect for island hopping. You can even swim from one island to another and enjoy one of the best view of Turkish South coast.
Fethiye is also in Gocek Gulf and it is another popular touristic city in Turkey. If you sail just a little down to Mediterranean Sea, you can visit Oludeniz- Blue Lagoon which was rated as one of the best beach in the world. Gocek is literally a pearl of Turkish coast and lures many sailors. Yacht Charter in Gocek offers many things to explore.
Blue Cruise Routes are always flexible for private yacht charters since it is a tailor made holiday and different combinations are offered according to your preferences. Please see some route selections for Gocek
Days Route 1 Route 2 Route 3
Day 1 Gocek Marmaris Marmaris
Day 2 Olive Island, Yassıcalar Ekincik, Dalyan Ekincik, Dalyan
Day 3 Tersane Island, Domuz Island Baba Island, Monastery Bay Monastery Bay
Day 4 Kizil Island, Fethiye Sunken Bath Fethiye
Day 5 Oludeniz, Gemiler Island Gocek Sunken Bath, Gocek
Day 6 Sunken Bath, Monastery Bay Gemiler Island, Kayakoy, Soguk Su Bay Baba Island
Day 7 Sarsala Bay, Siralibuk Butterfly Valley, Oludeniz, Fethiye Kumlubuk, Turunc
Day 8 Disembarking in Gocek Disembarking in Fethiye Disembarking in Marmaris
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