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Marmaris Departure Routes

Marmaris – Blue Cruise
Marmaris is a great blue cruise starting point since it offers many beautiful bays just nearby and you don’t need to sail long hours to arrive nice beaches. Marmaris is in the middle of the busiest blue cruise way between Bodrum to Fethiye. Therefore, in one week it is possible to have blue cruise from Bodrum to Marmaris or Marmaris to Fethiye or Marmaris- Greek Islands. Marmaris is very cute with the fish restaurants lined in harbor, natural stone houses and the classy marina. It hosts many tourists every summer. The bazaar also is very good for shopping clothes, bags or shoes.
Night life is very god and appeal to many tourists. One Street that is full of Bars and Clubs is called as Bar Street. Along the sea side many restaurants, cafes and bars are welcoming the vacationists. Starting a Private Yacht Charter in Marmaris is one of the best options.
Marmaris has a world class marina and one of the favorite destinations for also big blue cruise ships. It is an international port where you can see the flags of many countries on top of the yachts. Fine dining restaurants offer Turkish cuisine, Mediterranean Foods, Chinese, Mexican, Italian and Ottoman kitchen for their guests. It is so nice to have dinner in your yacht that moor in the harbor with the view of a crowded walking street and cute fish restaurants.
Marmaris is surrounded by mountains and has a narrow exit to open sea. Icmeler is a nother district of Marmaris just 5 minutes driving away. It is another beautiful place and has a long beach coast where many hotels are. People who live also in winter in Marmaris live in Armutalan which is far to sea and close to Mountains. Weather is good for 6 months in Marmaris and local people prefer to be in the coolest place close to mountains.
Routes are flexible for private yacht charters and different combinations are possible according to the interest and preferences of our guests. Here is some selection of the routes that includes Marmaris:
Some Route Options:
Days Route 1 Route 2 Route 3 Route 4 Route 5 Route 6
Day 1 Marmaris Marmaris Marmaris Marmaris Bodrum Rhodes
Day 2 Kumlubuk, Ciftlik Bay, Bozukkale- Loryma ancient city Ekincik, Dalyan Ekincik, Dalyan Rhodes Kara Ada, Cnidus Symi
Day 3 Selimiye, Bencik Bay Baba Island, Monastery Bay Monastery Bay Symi Palamutbuku Datca
Day 4 Degirmenbuku, Datca Sunken Bath Fethiye Datca Datca, Bencik Selimiye, Bozburun
Day 5 Aktur, Orhaniye Gocek Sunken Bath Selimiye, Bozburun Orhaniye, Kizkumu, Selimiye Serve Harbour, Kadirga Bay
Day 6 Bozburun, Serce Harbour, Kadirga Bay Gemiler Island, Kayakoy, Soguk Su Bay Baba Island Serce Harbour, Kadirga Bay Bozburun, Bozukkale- Loryma, Serce, Kadirga Bay Kumlubuk, Turunc, Marmaris
Day 7 Marmaris Butterfly Valley, Oludeniz, Fethiye Kumlubuk, Turunc Turunc Turunc, Marmaris Rhodes
Day 8 Disembarking in Marmars Disembarking in Fethiye Disembarking in Marmaris Disembarking in Marmaris Disembarking in Marmaris Disembarking in Rhodes